Based in California

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Niobe Clothing is committed to quality and affordability in the search for your basic clothing needs. With a hectic work schedule and chore duty being at the forefront of your busy life, you are a boss. We are dedicated to making you feel and look beautiful and confident in everything that you do. 

We are not fast fashion. We want you to wear our clothing as long as possible and we always use quality fabrics intended for durability. We provide the best prices to our customers as
we believe in value.

Niobe Clothing is a small California boutique. We are dedicated to making your essential clothing needs into a one stop shop. 

Niobe Clothing

Our Origin Story

As a second-generation Korean American, I understand the importance of having quality items that last.

I grew up in the city of Los Angeles. As a child, my mother always took me shopping. We entered stores we could not afford. There, she walked up and down the aisles, her eagle eye sharp for colors and textures. Every now and then, her hand reached for a shirt or a dress. My mother was a strong woman, but even she could not resist the temptation of soft fabric, high quality, and beautiful prints. She would hold it against her body and her eyes glimmered, her stance proud. It was in that moment, she shined with confidence.

Upon creating Niobe Clothing, I was determined to make that strength and excitement last for all women - but especially my mother. 

Every woman has a unique story.

Niobe Clothing empowers women to feel strong and capable in everything they do, see, and touch. When you pick your outfit for the day, you are unapologetically proclaiming to the world, “This is who I am” We love your fierceness, we applaud it, and we are 100% behind this.